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The concept of maintaining a blog has always been completely alien to me, but it never hurts to try I suppose. This one will be a little random so bear with me.

I've spent the past year learning as much as I could about marketing, website coding, and other similar strategies to achieve a more "professional" standing. It was interesting trying to find my way around this information with no clear goal. I suggest knowing what you're looking for beforehand so you don't end up lost like me.

In researching, I realised I wanted to try new things. Things I never saw myself doing. I've started some projects already, like building this website, and now starting this blog. Hell I even started to learn how to cook, which is completely irrelevant to the marketing stuff, but I think it's awesome that I know how to fry eggs now, lol.

Honestly I can't promise it will be super active, but at the very least I'll try to give updates on products and commission slots. I think this will be a nice central space for everything I do, or at least I hope it will be!

So, with nothing else to add except a question; what are you currently working towards? Leave a comment below!

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